Scavenger hunt!

Guardians, are you ready for a thrilling field trip? We’ve organized an exciting scavenger hunt around the historical city of Alder’s Point. Legend has it that our very own Elder, Tarran Swiftfoot, once discovered a rare artifact in this region during his studies. In the spirit of adventure and learning, we’re following in his footsteps!

Work in teams to explore the outskirts of the city, find the clues we’ve laid out, and piece together the story of Tarran’s discovery. This activity is a perfect blend of teamwork, problem-solving, and fun! Let’s dive into Alder’s Point’s rich history and make memories to last a lifetime. Ready, set, explore!

Welcome to ‘Guardians of Getica’ – a tabletop roleplaying game setting designed for kids, but fun for all ages! 


In this setting, the kingdom is under a hidden threat from mysterious creatures known as Frights. These creatures can only be seen by kids and elders, so it’s up to the kingdom’s youngest and wisest to join forces and protect their realm.


To the general public, the Guardians are seen as a distinguished youth organization, focused on leadership training and community activities. However, beyond this public image, they are the kingdom’s secret defenders, bravely standing against the Frights.


This site takes you to the Royal Academy’s Nexus Board, a magical bulletin board outside the academy. It’s a place for citizens to interact and learn more about the Guardians’ activities and events.


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