The Royal Academy


Welcome to The Royal Academy where we forge the sharpest citizens in the realm! Founded through the visionary collaboration between the Crown and the Guild Coalition, we offer an unparalleled educational experience to our citizens. 

Our school but a bridge that seamlessly connects the lessons of our past, the innovations of our present, and the promise of a brighter future. As you step into the academy, you’re not just joining an institution; you’re becoming a part of an important legacy that shapes the kingdom!

A Message from our Headmaster

Welcome to the Royal Academy, where tradition meets tomorrow! Together with the Kingdom’s leaders and the Guild Coalition, we blend academic study, guild apprenticeship, and military preparation into a holistic educational experience.

Within our walls, you’ll find not only rigorous education but also lifelong friendships and esteemed groups like the Guardians of Getica. The Royal Academy isn’t just a school—it’s your gateway to a promising future in Getica!


General Sharyn Blackblade 

Headmaster, Royal Academy

Qualified Teachers

We are proud of our dedicated and experienced teachers. Our instructors, including scholars, tradespeople, and professionals, are handpicked from throughout Getica. Their collective wisdom ensures that students are led by the best. 

Established Curriculum

Our curriculum offers a variety subjects, from arcane studies to practical Guild Coalition trades. Each of our courses ensure a holistic understanding and hands-on experience for our students. This equips our graduates to confidently face any challenge they choose.

Amazing Students

Our diverse student body comes from across the kingdom. They are all united by a passion for learning and a vision for Getica’s future. Many opt to join the Guardians of Getica, embodying the academy’s core values and guiding principles.

Want to be a Guardian?

Discover how you can join this amazing organization!

Welcome to ‘Guardians of Getica’ – a tabletop roleplaying game setting designed for kids, but fun for all ages! 


In this setting, the kingdom is under a hidden threat from mysterious creatures known as Frights. These creatures can only be seen by kids and elders, so it’s up to the kingdom’s youngest and wisest to join forces and protect their realm.


To the general public, the Guardians are seen as a distinguished youth organization, focused on leadership training and community activities. However, beyond this public image, they are the kingdom’s secret defenders, bravely standing against the Frights.


This site takes you to the Royal Academy’s Nexus Board, a magical bulletin board outside the academy. It’s a place for citizens to interact and learn more about the Guardians’ activities and events.


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