Adventure Awaits!

From Professor Dellen Stout​

At the Royal Academy, we take great pride in presenting our Guardian Field Trips. These expeditions are a testament to our dedication to fostering the next generation of leaders, explorers, and contributors to the Kingdom of Getica. 

Each of our documented journeys showcases the variety and depth of experiences our young Guardians undergo. From navigating the dense woodlands to aiding local communities and engaging in strategic problem-solving, these field trips highlight the balance of academic, practical, and leadership skills instilled within our students. 

Dive into these tales to witness firsthand the commitment, resilience, and passion our Guardians bring to every endeavor. Choose a field trip, and follow along as our young scholars translate their rigorous training into real-world solutions, strengthening the fabric of our beloved kingdom with each step.

Looking forward to our adventures!

Guardian Field Trips

Scavenger hunt!

Guardians, are you ready for a thrilling field trip? We’ve organized an exciting scavenger hunt around the historical city of

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Want to be a Guardian?

Discover how you can join this amazing organization!

Welcome to ‘Guardians of Getica’ – a tabletop roleplaying game setting designed for kids, but fun for all ages! 


In this setting, the kingdom is under a hidden threat from mysterious creatures known as Frights. These creatures can only be seen by kids and elders, so it’s up to the kingdom’s youngest and wisest to join forces and protect their realm.


To the general public, the Guardians are seen as a distinguished youth organization, focused on leadership training and community activities. However, beyond this public image, they are the kingdom’s secret defenders, bravely standing against the Frights.


This site takes you to the Royal Academy’s Nexus Board, a magical bulletin board outside the academy. It’s a place for citizens to interact and learn more about the Guardians’ activities and events.


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